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Icy water worlds in space

Recently has come out with an article talking about 5 icy moons that could possibly host habitual life, this is gonna be just a shortened version of that article, for more information be sure to visit the website itself! 

  1. Europa: Europa is Jupiter’s moon and is thought to harbor a liquid-water ocean more than twice the volume of all Earths oceans. Other geologic activity in the moons rocky core could create additional heat source for life forms, the ice layer on Europa is 10-15 miles thick. NASA has a green-lit mission to orbit Europa and learn more about this potentially habitable world. europa-moon
  2. Titan: Saturn’s moon Titan appears hospitable at first glance because it is covered in lakes and oceans. Unfortunately all of them re flowing with liquid methane and ethane and all known life-forms need water to survive. In addition to this issue, the surface temp. on Titan is 292 degrees Fahrenheit which is far too cold. Based on the active chemistry on Titan, some scientists hypothesize that life could still have a chance of surviving there. 220px-pia20016-saturnmoon-titan-201511131
  3. Enceladus: Even tho the bluish grey surface of Enceladus looks too frigid to host life, under it’s surface lies an ocean. Just like Europa it is possible that underground oceans contain a suitable environment for life. A Cassini probe revealed water, ammonia, salts and organics. (all of these things are the building blocks for life on earth.)    enceladusstripes_6962
  4.  Ganymede and Callisto: Just like Europa and Enceladus, they have subsurface, liquid oceans. In these cases, the underground seas would be buried under at least 60 miles of rock. These moon’s are less likely to support life than any other icy worlds.      a-comparison-of-the-earth-moon-and-the-moons-of-jupiter-ganymede-europa-dj47c3


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