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10 ways to stay creative!

If you’re anything like me, some days having a creative mindset is pretty difficult. For today’s post I compiled a list of 10 tricks I found out by experience (and also pinterest because duh) to help you keep a creative mindset, Hope you enjoy!

  1. Create an inspiration board. Having an inspiration board is such a good motivation to achieve your goals this year.
  2. Learn new skills. It is always good to challenge your brain, try learning things you’ve always wanted to, but never had the time.
  3. Be curious. Even tho this is so obvious, it is absolutely helpful. Learn new things everyday ask questions, gaining knowledge is gonna keep yourself creative.
  4. Be around creative people. Hang around people who are creative as well, Don’t hang around people who never want to do anything and never have any motivation. Keep good people around.
  5. Experiment. If there is something you always wanted to try just for a little to see if you like it in the long run…DO IT! Let go of your fear and just go for it.
  6. Visit museums and art galleries. Sometimes seeing others creative work is great motivation to get your creative juices flowing.
  7. Break your routine. Remember that it is sometimes good to do different things and try out new things, don’t let yourself get bored.
  8. Listen to motivational speeches while you get ready in the morning. This is seriously a game changer, hearing someone cheer you on first thing in the morning while you get ready is guaranteed to make you feel 10x better about the day ahead.
  9. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different, everyone is unique. Don’t get intimidated because something that works for someone else doesn’t work for you.
  10. Read. That doesn’t mean you can only read books, what I mean is, Read blogs and News articles and magazines, read about things that genuinely interest you.

I hope this post helped get some of your creativity going, I really enjoyed coming up with this list to share with all of you!


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