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Being Completely Content☀️✨

Hi Guys!! Today I decided I wanted to make this post about how I’m feeling right now in life. A couple day’s ago, I completely deep cleaned my room, and my desk. That night I walked into my room with a bowl of watermelon, a water bottle and I sat at my desk, looked around, and for the first time, I felt completely content with how my life is going so far. For a long time, I had always “came to terms” with things instead of really thoroughly enjoying them, and now that I am, I’m so so happy with everything in my life.💛

Things I’m Thankful for:

Along with this post I wanted to talk about some things that I’m thankful for 🤩 I’m thankful for my decision on deciding to be a Christian. I’m thankful for my blog, and the entire blogging community. I’m thankful for my boyfriend for putting up with me for a year and 4 months 🤪💛. I’m thankful for my mom for taking care of me and being such a strong and inspirational person in my life. I’m thankful for my dad for doing whats best for him and getting sober. I’m thankful for my friends/family for always being supportive and never making me feel unwanted.

I know this post is a little all over the place but I’m really enjoying writing it, all these topics are too small for their own post so why not just combine them in a life post 😂🌵I also wanted to mention a prayer I’ve been saying every day (I found it on gentlereflection.wordpress.com be sure to check them out!!) The prayer says:

Lord God, help me to set my eyes, my mind and my heart on You. Let everything I do be done to honor you, to glorify your name, to further your kingdom. May I bless you with my thoughts and my actions today and every day. Lord, I determine in my heart to work as unto you. I thank you for blessing the work of my hands. In Jesus’ name, I pray Amen.

I never thought that at any time I’d be posting a prayer on my blog,  but I’m happy I did. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Here are a few of my recents!

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14 thoughts on “Being Completely Content☀️✨”

      1. Lol I’ve decorated my bathroom downstairs somewhat like that minus the pictures though 😂😂 I have hats, and inspirational signs hanging up along with all my lotions, perfumes and girly stuff!😜 Justin went in there to use the bathroom a few nights ago and his mouth just dropped… he was like “why does look like part of a college dorm in here!?!” 😂😂😂 I wanted to take over and make it my own though!!🤷‍♀️💟

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  1. I love the the feeling you get after organising your room & the satisfaction you get from it. Really pleased to hear that your content & have a lot to be thankful for. I enjoyed reading your post & looking forward to reading future posts.

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  2. I’ve been trying to do a ‘spring clean’ and overhaul of my stuff but I only seem to get bits done, and it’s never enough. This has given some some inspiration and motivation – I love it! Love the decor in your room & the black/white patterning 🙂
    Caz xx

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