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Posting schedule?🤔

Hey, lovelies! 🌻First off, we’re growing so much! We’re only 50 or so followers away from 300! 💛I know since I’ve had this blog I haven’t done any milestone post’s but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate every award nomination and follower milestone we hit! If you haven’t noticed on this blog, I definitely do not have a posting schedule, I just post whenever I really like an idea of a post, BUT I really want to change that. I think the upload schedule I’m going to have will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and possibly a bonus blog post over the weekend (: I hope everyone’s Friday is going amazing!🌟

” The more you love, The more you suffer.” Vincent Van Gogh

Most recent post’s: Makeup products I would love to try!💄⌉⌈Happy friday my lovelies!!🎉⌉⌈What is: Social Anxiety Disorder👩🏻‍💻

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4 thoughts on “Posting schedule?🤔”

  1. I don’t have a schedule either, but (perhaps after buying a new weekly planner two days ago) I’ve been thinking it might be a good idea to start. Hugs congrats on the mile stone, you’re doing amazingly!! 🙂

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