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50 Things to do this summer!

Hey, Lovelies! I recently did a “DIYโ€™S I want to try this summer!๐Ÿ–Œ๐Ÿ”–” post and I thought what better than to write a post about things to do this summer, considering it just started this is perfect timing. I won’t be going into much details about these because they are pretty self-explanatory but I hope you guys enjoy!

  1. Go to a water park
  2. Swim at night time and come up with shapes from the stars
  3. Picnic at a park
  4. Do random internet challenges
  5. Camp in your backyard with a projector
  6. Take a speaker to a field with your friends and completely blast music and have a photoshoot
  7. DIY a “neon light” (pull up a color on your laptop and full screen the image) and have a neon photoshoot
  8. Have a water balloon fight
  9. Build a fort and have at home movie theatre
  10. Volunteer and your local pet shelter
  11. Recreate one of your favorite music videos
  12. Try to follow a youtubers makeup tutorial in 5 minutes or less (adjust the speed of the video)
  13. Try a TASTY (from BuzzFeed) recipe, promise you’ll probably fail…just saying
  14. Try drawing a picture blindfolded and try to see if anyone can guess what you drew
  15. Take up a class (yoga, art, etc)
  16. Use 10$ and go to the dollar tree, buy random things and try to craft something from those items
  17. Re-Do your room (no that doesn’t mean to buy a bunch of stuff, just like rearrange it )
  18. Go to a local waterhole/lake in your town you haven’t been to
  19. Go on a late night drive
  20. Go on a road trip with your best friend/boyfriend/anyone and find something to explore
  21. Start a blog/youtube channel
  22. Create your own jewelry
  23. Teach a puppy or a baby cousin of yours how to swim
  24. Go to a zoo
  25. Float a river on a giant floaty with a friend
  26. Do the mystery smoothie challenge
  27. Go to fast food places and order “mystery” food items (you can find them all over the internet, if they don’t recognize the order, you can give them the steps on how to make it)
  28. Have a painting party with some friends
  29. Try to use every single eyeshadow in one eyeshadow palette in one eye look
  30. Travel someplace you’ve never been
  31. Adopt an animal
  32. If you have a ferret/hampster etc. Redecorate their cage
  33. Try to make mini food for your animals (make sure the food your making is healthy for them!)
  34. Try a 30-day summer challenge
  35. Host a pool party/ sleepover
  36. Have an at-home spa day
  37. Have a “craft” party
  38. Make a recommended playlist for your friends and share new and good music
  39. Go to a local event in your town
  40. Go on a thrifting journey
  41. Make Tye Die t-shirts
  42. Play board games with a twist
  43. Create your own face masks and skin care on a movie night with your besties
  44. Make a montage or slow-mo video summing up your summer/night/week
  45. Have a bonfire
  46. Go on a hiking trail
  47. Go horseback riding
  48. Start a bullet journal or a journal period
  49. Spend a whole night finding new and random not so popular music, support smaller artists and bands
  50. Find some of the most random apps from the app store and use them and then write weird reviews on the app store or play store


I tried making most of these really affordable and easy so everyone could do them! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have anything to add to the list, be sure to leave them in the comments! Here are a few of my recent posts:ย Always look out for your best interest!ย ย May 18- 20th: A weekend post๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒปย ย DIYโ€™S I want to try this summer!๐Ÿ–Œ๐Ÿ”–


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