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A little life update/ where I’ve been

Hey, lovelies! It’s been a couple months since I last posted and there’s a multitude of reasons why, but before I get into that I just wanted to say first, thank you guys for 600+ followers!! And the continued support of my content while I’ve been gone (:  I’m gonna try to make this post as spaced out and short as possible so that it’s not super long to read! 

My mom was diagnosed with cervical/vaginal cancer. 

I’m not gonna go into this much because it’s not something I feel should be overly talked about since its a family topic but back in late September my mom was diagnosed with cervical/vaginal cancer once she went to the er for pain while she peed. she is currently going through chemo and radiation and soon she’ll be completely done with chemo! She has 2 more chemo appointments and then she can ring the bell (: 

My aunt and cousin left.

If you didn’t know my aunt moved in with the intentions of taking care of my mom while she went through chemo and radiation, while my cousin just needed a place to stay. They lasted a few months before they decided the responsibility was to much for them so I am now taking care of my mom and house full time, and I don’t regret adding this segment because everyone I’ve talked to it about has agreed how much stress it is for one 18 year old to handle on their own, but forgive and forget right? 

I turned 18 in December. 

Did you catch in that last paragraph I said “for one 18 year old to handle” I’m officially a legal adult, I can’t do anything except vote, by nicotine and lottery tickets so this is definitely not a celebratory thing since I don’t smoke and have no interest in lottery tickets aha. 

Zoloft update.

In a past post I mentioned I had started medicine for my anxiety/paranoia and I thought I’d give an update on how I’ve handled it so far. I’ve been Zoloft for  3 months now and I genuinely have seen a huge change with my social anxiety and paranoia. A lot of small things I couldn’t do before (which i’ll make a separate post for) are 10x easier for me now. 

An update on my struggle with food. 

A lot of you know that for a while I was taking supplements instead of eating for a good while because I had a lot of anxiety about my body type and how I looked in the mirror. I went from not eating near as much as I should to not knowing when is normal and when is too much. I’ve gotten better and I’m not on any supplements at the moment but I hope in the future i’ll be strong enough to take them while taking care of my body. 

I hope this was helpful in everyone seeing why I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like, I’ve got a lot going on with taking care of my mom and our house, trying to get my GED, a job, and my drivers licence. hopefully everything will work itself out, thank you guys for always supporting me no matter how much I post, it means the world to me (: 

15 thoughts on “A little life update/ where I’ve been”

  1. It’s so good to hear from you again, Kelsey 💕 Sorry to hear about all that you and your family have gone through and are still going through! Congrats on turning 18 (the only thing that changed once I turned 18 was voting, as well, haha)
    You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

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    1. after the first day I didn’t have any negative affects but the first day was rough, I was zoned out and couldn’t focus and pretty nauseous but remember everyone is different! but if the sick feeling isn’t gone after a few days I’d let your doctor know asap


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