starting my own poetry book: Thoughts for the moon 🌙🌚

Hey, lovelies!! this is something i’ve been working on and have been so so excited to put out there! I have the first part up now titled ‘Short and Sweet’ with a few of my shorter lines i’ve written that i really enjoy and i hope you guys give it a chance and check it out! 🥰

thoughts for the moon ❤️

26 thoughts on “starting my own poetry book: Thoughts for the moon 🌙🌚”

  1. Hey Kelsey! 💕 I was stoked to find this post in my Reader, since I knew you’d been working on this for a while 😍🙌🏼 but unfortunately, the link you gave links to one of your recent posts, not the poetry. Just wanted to let you know, since I’d love to see the poetry! 💙

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      1. there’s a lot of different ways, make sure you’re active on others accounts, there’s twitter threads that give people opportunities to share their links etc! the most important i think is just making sure you’re active on other people’s blogs as well (:


      2. You gave very useful information thank you so much,I hope more success comes your way, do you have a YouTube channel


      3. hi, i would like to askyou question, why is it important to have 100 subscribers
        what’s the benefits


      4. i don’t think subscriber count is important at all, your content is what’s important. i’d focus more on how you’re creating your posts and bettering your blog and your followers will gradually grow by themselves


      5. Wow that’s really usefull
        Information thank you. Girl I’m still waiting for you to follow back lol and I love you new post chit photos

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