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Progress + Updates on my poetry book ‘Thoughts for the moon’

Hey, lovelies! I haven’t posted on my blog in 4 months and I’ve missed it more than I think i realized I did. I didn’t know what post to make a comeback with so instead of stressing myself over it and over thinking I decided to go with a simple update on my book since a lot has happened and I haven’t talked about it on here in a while!

Thoughts for the moon is actually nominated in the 2019 Wattys (and yes, i do have proof) and I’m not expecting anything to come from it necessarily but I’m still extremely excited! I’ve made so many differently parts to thoughts for the moon and still my absolute favorite part is responding to comments, seeing people not only take the time to read my work but also voting AND commenting?? it warms my heart like no other.

My most recent piece i published in ‘TFTM’ is called “Sometimes you’re the bad guy” and when i was writing it, it was almost a reminder for myself, and others, that things aren’t always the opposing persons fault. You have faults, and sometimes you’re in the wrong, and you can’t change or fix things if you can’t even own up to the things you do wrong. I have a really big habit of calling myself out in my own work, but I like that, it gives my audience a real raw depiction of my emotions and thoughts.

I really didn’t think this poetry book would ever reach almost 7 thousand people, its genuinely insane but i’m more than ecstatic to have the opportunity to have my poetry loved by so many people. My top excerpts from ‘TFTM’ are:

  • Short and sweet
  • Everything the moon wanted to say
  • A thought from the moon

I hope that everyone takes this as me trying to express my gratitude for how well this has went for me, and I’m so excited to start posting on here again as well🖤, TIll next time angels 👼🏻

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