Latest reads + Mini reviews!🦋

Hello, lovelies! 💎I missed writing book reviews so much! I haven’t read as much these past couple months as I hoped I would but I definitely found some new fav’s and that makes me very happy.💘

City of bones by Cassandra Clare

I know this is already so many peoples favorite book/series! I’m extremely late but it was definitely worth the wait and I truly understand why so many people love them!! The characters and plot in this novel were so well thought out and had a lot of twists and turns which makes it less predictable therefor making the imagery 10x more satisfying, definitely a 9/10 stars!

The love that split the world by Emily Henry

OH BOY, This was a solid 10/10 for me which is crazy considered its mostly just a rom YA which I don’t typically like as much so it was a pleasant surprise! I won’t give any spoilers but when Natalie finally figured out who grandma was and how to save BO my heart literally stopped beating in astonishment and heartache and love for the plot of the story. Its so beautifully written and has an action packed plot, I genuinely found nothing wrong with it.

The princess and the fangirl by Ashley poston

I’m a big fan of Rainbow rowell and I knew they had similar writing styles so a big part of me wanted to read it but I truly avoided it for so long solely because I do indeed judge a book by their titles and cover and from my perspective it felt too young for me. But upon reading it and giving it a chance it was a pretty good book! the writing style was a little young but the actual plot was reasonably mature which made it easier to enjoy and I really did love the relationship between Imogen and ethan (genuinely can’t remember his name but this sounds correct.) I’d give it a 6/10 stars.

I hope you guys enjoyed my lil mini review!!🦋

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