Meet moon!🌚🐠

Hello, lovelies! πŸ¦‹I hope you're all doing grand on this Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday I was feeling a bit down and sad and I was on the phone with my friend when I realized I really wanted a pet fish, I didn't know why considering I've never had an interest in one before but I knew… Continue reading Meet moon!🌚🐠


Latest reads + Mini reviews!πŸ¦‹

Hello, lovelies! πŸ’ŽI missed writing book reviews so much! I haven't read as much these past couple months as I hoped I would but I definitely found some new fav's and that makes me very happy.πŸ’˜ City of bones by Cassandra Clare I know this is already so many peoples favorite book/series! I'm extremely late… Continue reading Latest reads + Mini reviews!πŸ¦‹

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Progress + Updates on my poetry book ‘Thoughts for the moon’

Hey, lovelies! I haven't posted on my blog in 4 months and I've missed it more than I think i realized I did. I didn't know what post to make a comeback with so instead of stressing myself over it and over thinking I decided to go with a simple update on my book since… Continue reading Progress + Updates on my poetry book ‘Thoughts for the moon’