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The science to happiness✨☀️

Of course, there isn't a "key" to happiness, but it is pretty interesting knowing the science behind our happiness, I haven't made a post like this in a long time but I really enjoy making them so here it is 🌵 The Hippocampus is the part of our brains that are responsible for happiness and… Continue reading The science to happiness✨☀️

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March 11th haul! ✨🐶

So this weekend, of course, I was once again with my boyfriend (You'll be seeing a lot of him lol 😂. Friday he picked me up but we didn't end up getting to his house until almost 10 and we were both super tired so we fell asleep almost immediately 😴. Then on Saturday, we spent most… Continue reading March 11th haul! ✨🐶

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Top 5 Cognitive Biases that messes with your decision making

Today's Post is going to be about 5 cognitive biases that screw up your decision making, for more posts like this feel free to follow for new post's every day. The Bandwagon effect: The bandwagon effect is the probability of one person adopting a belief increases based on the number of people who hold that… Continue reading Top 5 Cognitive Biases that messes with your decision making

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Different types of anxiety

Almost everyone knows what anxiety is, but a lot of people tend to forget that there are different stages of anxiety. This post is gonna explain the different types of anxiety and what you can do to help when you are in that stage.  Typical Anxiety Typical anxiety is usually caused by stress, nervousness, or… Continue reading Different types of anxiety

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The benefits of maintaining a steady evening routine

Maintaining a steady evening routine helps your brain re-cooperate and process all of the days events so that you can be refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Being prepared for the day ahead helps mental health and keeps you relaxed and refreshed instead of tense and stressed. Here are a few things you can… Continue reading The benefits of maintaining a steady evening routine

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Icy water worlds in space

Recently has come out with an article talking about 5 icy moons that could possibly host habitual life, this is gonna be just a shortened version of that article, for more information be sure to visit the website itself!  Europa: Europa is Jupiter's moon and is thought to harbor a liquid-water ocean more than… Continue reading Icy water worlds in space

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Exoplanets: Who needs oxygen?👽

In the search for life on exoplanets, scientists try not to "put all their eggs in one basket" says Joshua krissansen. Although the time-honored strategy of looking for oxygen is indeed a good one since its tough for this gas to build up in a planet's atmosphere if life isn't there churning it out, it… Continue reading Exoplanets: Who needs oxygen?👽