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Pinterest finds part two! Beautiful abandoned places I would love to visit🌏

Hey, Lovelies! 🌻Recently I was on Pinterest when I randomly typed in the word "world" 🌏and this abandoned dock photo popped up (shown here) and I knew immediately after that I wanted to look up more abandoned places (: A few of the things I have listed unfortunately I couldn't find any backstory to but I think… Continue reading Pinterest finds part two! Beautiful abandoned places I would love to visit🌏

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My recent thoughts on blogging…

Hey, Lovelies! 🌻This post is a little different but I feel like I have a lot to talk about with you guys so you can understand why my blog has been a little different... Recently I've been really burnt out on everything, I read 8 books last month so everytime I've tried starting a book… Continue reading My recent thoughts on blogging…

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Hey, lovelies! 🌻Today is Wednesday! You're halfway through the week! I hope your week has been full of accomplishments and growth 🌟Before I start this post here's a quote to help you get through this week! " A dream written down with a date becomes a goal, A goal broken down into Steps becomes a Plan,… Continue reading YOU ARE A BADASS 💪🏻🌻

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Social Anxiety Disorder Misjudgments🤦🏻‍♀️

Hey, Lovelies! 🌻as you know I've talked about having social anxiety in my past posts before, and one thing I've always dealt with, is having people misjudge me or my actions because of my social anxiety, so, what better to write about as my first post for my new schedule?? I hope you guys enjoy!💛… Continue reading Social Anxiety Disorder Misjudgments🤦🏻‍♀️

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What I’ve learned from blogging

Hi guys! Today I wanted to make a post about a few things I've learned so far about blogging and to give some tips to help other people who want to start a blog. First off, It's really important to actually be involved in your blog, and the WordPress app. I don't mean "involved " as in post… Continue reading What I’ve learned from blogging