Updated music playlist!πŸ“±

Hello, lovelies! 🍣It's a minute since I've given you guys a look into the type of music i'm enjoying lately, it's definitely been a lot different that my usual taste but they definitely deserve more recognition. πŸ“ΈIndie pop: Boy Pablo EverytimeKhai dreams do you wonderKhai dreams Ultimately πŸ‘‘Rap: SAINt JHN Trap ft. Lil babyKodak black… Continue reading Updated music playlist!πŸ“±

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A little life update/ where I’ve been

Hey, lovelies! It's been a couple months since I last posted and there's a multitude of reasons why, but before I get into that I just wanted to say first, thank you guys for 600+ followers!! And the continued support of my content while I've been gone (:Β  I'm gonna try to make this post… Continue reading A little life update/ where I’ve been

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Progress + Updates on my poetry book ‘Thoughts for the moon’

Hey, lovelies! I haven't posted on my blog in 4 months and I've missed it more than I think i realized I did. I didn't know what post to make a comeback with so instead of stressing myself over it and over thinking I decided to go with a simple update on my book since… Continue reading Progress + Updates on my poetry book ‘Thoughts for the moon’